Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Years Eve 2009

For New Years Eve we had Carisa, Braden, Kari, Elijah, Christina, Zach, Alan, & Jenni over to celebrate. The kids had a great time playing and the adults had a great time chatting. It was fun to try and get all the kids together in one picture. That proved to be a little bit of a challenge and unfortunately Alan did not want to be part of the picture. Oh well such is life. It was a very fun night if I do say so myself even though everyone was gone by 10:30pm and I woke up after midnight on the couch, wished myself a Happy New Year and climbed in bed!! I wouldn't trade the time spent with the kids and good friends for anything in the world. Even Nicholas was able to stop home during his shift and say hello and grab a bite to eat.

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