Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa Pictures

Every year we have to go see Santa at Oakwood Mall. This year I am really on top of things!! We went on Sunday November 23rd after having some family and kid pictures done at Sharp. I thought if we got there early in the season and early in the day we wouldn't wait so long. Well we were the first ones in line and only waited like half an hour, better than an hour and a half we waited one year!! The pictures are fun and the kids got to talk with Santa a little longer since we were the first in line and the elf's were having some issues with the camera. The pictures from Sharp (which I have copyright for) turned out good for the kids. I am not too keen on the family pictures but I like the 2 I posted here. I love the one of the kids with Ian hugging his sisters and then sisters giving him a kiss. This really represents how they get along. Yes they have their days and fights like any siblings but for the most part they are great friends.


On Tuesday, December 2nd I had an ultrasound at CVTC to see how our baby #4 is doing. He or she is great!! Getting big, by measurements they have me 2 days ahead of my current due date, hopefully that means baby will come a little early but I am thinking baby will also be big like big brother Ian was (he as 8#4oz). Baby, dubbed "Homer" by Nicholas was sure moving and grooving. Even at our very first ultrasound at 8 weeks baby's arms were flailing all over the place!! This time baby would not stop moving, maybe a few seconds at a time. Even the ultrasound techs had a hard time getting measurements due to all the movement!! I can tell me and Homer are going to have some fun months ahead of us. Just in the past few days I have really started to feel baby moving around, love this part of pregnancy! And my belly definitely popped out now. Can't wait for April. I think it is going to be a boy as this is the name we cannot agree on. For a girl it is either Anastasia or Isabella (I have had these names since Katarina was born) so it was very easy, middle name is still up in the air. Boys names on the other hand are presenting to be a challenge. If it is a boy the middle name will be Jason, after Deputy Jason Zunker who was killed in the line of duty earlier this year. But I tell you finding a name that flows nice that both Nick and I can agree on is more difficult than one would initially think it would be. Our baby will be the one who isn't named for like 3 days after it's birth cuz we can't decide on a name. If worse comes to worse we will just have to have a few picked out and let baby decide. The pictures they were able to get for me for the baby book are wonderful. There is one of the hand, almost like giving you a high 5, a look at baby's face and last both feet pressed against the side of my belly. And this time I got a DVD of the entire ultrasound. When I had one with Ian 5 years ago they forgot to put the tape in while doing the ultrasound!!! I wasn't very happy that time btu things happen and it just wasn't meant to be. Enjoy!!