Monday, September 28, 2009

Another New Addition

The newest addition to the family is our dog Rex. He is a terrier mix and resembles a Jack Russel. Believe it or not Nicholas actually wanted the dog. He had picked it up one night while working and took it to the Humane Association. We visited him 4 times and then took him home on September 10. As you can see he loves Evan and is very protective of him and the rest of the kids. If I am feeding Evan, Rex will usually sit right by us and if Howie comes over, Rex gives him a piece of his mind!! These are a few of their favorite spots.
Rex and Sam.
Rex is usually found sleeping with Katarina. This is his first night at home and already he found our little animal magnet!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One of the kids' favorite past times

Relay For Life

Chippewa County Relay for Life was held on July 31 at the Chippewa Falls Middle School. It was absolutely gorgeous weather and there were a lot of people there. Overall the Relay event raised around $110,000 that helps with cancer research, patient advocacy & counseling services for people who have cancer or people who are caring for someone with cancer.

Evan's Baptism

Evan was Baptized at St Charles Borremeo Catholic Church on July, 11 by Deacon Tom Kinnick. He didn't cry when the water went on his head but he had this look like "what are you doing to me now?" on his face, it was priceless!!

Godparents, Deacon Kinnick, Evan & Mom and Dad