Gardow Family

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Few of Evan's Favorite Things

Evan loves to watch the washing machine as I said before. He also loves to play in the bath tub and in water so he figured out that he can crawl over to Howie's water dish and splash in there (gross!) which he thinks is super funny. He obviously loves the water because he will crawl into our shower and splash in any water that may be on the floor!! He also loves to play the piano and a lot of the time will crawl over there and stretch up and push the keys. Again he loves to walk with anything he can, especially loves to push this riding/walking toy around.

Evan's Boo-boo

Unfortunately Evan took a spill down the stairs on Jan. 20 in his walker. The pictures in the orange shirt were taken the day of the fall and he had a nice shiner. As it healed like in the blue jammies and in the tub, it looked darker and worse. Through it all this didn't seem to bother Evan at all. Even in the pictures after the fall he is smiling and being his normal cheerful self. It sucks when your kids get hurt and unfortunately it is a part of life and I am sure this is only the beginning of many scraps, bruises and maybe even broken bones to look forward to. He is a boy after all and they have no fear.

Evan 9 months

Our baby is growing up so fast. He is standing on everything. These pictures are a little old, they are from the beginning of January so he is much more of a monkey now, but I am a little behind on posting. He loves to look at the vacuum cleaner, loves the washing machine and the dishwasher, maybe that will mean he will be a good housekeeper!! One can hope. He stands and walks on anything and everything. Won't be long and he will be walking.

New Years Eve 2009

For New Years Eve we had Carisa, Braden, Kari, Elijah, Christina, Zach, Alan, & Jenni over to celebrate. The kids had a great time playing and the adults had a great time chatting. It was fun to try and get all the kids together in one picture. That proved to be a little bit of a challenge and unfortunately Alan did not want to be part of the picture. Oh well such is life. It was a very fun night if I do say so myself even though everyone was gone by 10:30pm and I woke up after midnight on the couch, wished myself a Happy New Year and climbed in bed!! I wouldn't trade the time spent with the kids and good friends for anything in the world. Even Nicholas was able to stop home during his shift and say hello and grab a bite to eat.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009


Christmas was busy but fun. It seemed a lot more relaxing this year than in the past. On Dec. 21 we had an early Christmas at our house with Grandma and Grandpa Bowe with an excellent lasagna dinner made by Nicholas. On Christmas Eve we were at my Grandpa Ronnie's to celebrate with the Clark family. Christmas day, we opened gifts at home, then to my mom and dad's for breakfast, then to Grandma and Grandpa Gardow's for Christmas. The kids got way too many toys as usual but also a lot of clothes too! Evan had more fun trying to eat the wrapping paper and boxes than opening the gifts but he got some fun bath toys and some toys that make noise which he loves!! Sam said her favorite gift was her Bear Paw boots & Super Smash Bros Brawl Wii Game, Katarina's was her Littlest Pet Shop stuff and new bed set, Ian's favorite was his "Citrus Dragon" Webkinz and Bakugons. I would have to say Evan's favorite gifts were his drum that you hit and it says the alphabet or just makes music and this ball that rolls around and plays music and sings. Nicholas got a gear bag for work, tool box and the movie "Seven Pounds" and I got Shape Up Sketchers. Overall it was a great Christmas. Very odd weather, but I will take the slushy yuck instead of bitter cold anyday!!! I hope everyone else's Christmas was enjoyable and you got to spend lots of time with family, because they are our most precious gift!!